Our Team

YXE Women's Health is a healthcare clinic made up of physicians, a physiotherapist, nurses and office staff. The physicians and physiotherapist each have unique training and specialties related to women's health. Please visit the 'our team' tab or click the 'more' button below for more information. 

Our Mission

Our Mission:

YXE Women's Health is a group of physicians and allied health care professionals who advocate to optimize the health and well being of women at all stages of life.

Our Values:

Quality Care, Compassion, Integrity

Patient Information

Please visit the 'patient information' tab or click the 'more' button below to access the YXE Women's Health Patient Brochure, as well as additional resources and information tailored to the needs of our patients.  


To access referral forms for the physicians and the physiotherapist at YXE Women's Health, please go to the 'referrals' tab or click the 'more' button below.

Contact Us


15-23rd Street East

Second Floor

Saskatoon SK S7K 0H6


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